Top 5 Linux Web Hosting Services

Linux Web Hosting Reviews

Today, Linux hosting has been ranked as the widely supported and most reliable operating system that has been preferred by a wide range of hosting customers. This is because they offer an enhanced security system, excellent customization, and their services are relatively affordable. Besides this, the Linux hosting offers different hosting services like; dedicated hosts, VPS hosts, and WordPress Hosts among others. Below are the top Linux hosting providers to try out in 2017.

ipgae linux web hosting

#1. iPage 

This is one of the leading Linux hosting providers that is known for its high level of technology and ease of use. For example, they include the unlimited MySQL databases and a sleek and intuitive control panel in your plans. The shared services of iPage come with a secure FTP, and easy customization with the Perl support.

By hosting your website with iPage, you will be offered a free domain name (1-year), unlimited email addresses, and unlimited disk space. Apart from this, you get a wide range of marketing tools like; site analytics suite, $100 Bing credit, $100 Google AdWords offers, and free listing. You will also be able to design your website in different ways through the aid online store, large selection of templates, and powerful website builder. All the shared servers on iPage Linux hosting runs on the Linux Operating System.

In order to keep your website safe, you are assured of a full security suite, which will keep your website running safely. You will also be able to choose on your favorite datacenter location when building your website. To customize your site, you are provided the Perl support that will assure of an easy customization process. Get started with them today and start enjoying the great packages for the first timers. Despite being one of the leading Linux hosting providers, their monthly charge is low as $1.99. Besides this, you are assured of 30 days money back guarantee.

Bluehost linux web hosting

#2. Bluehost

Bluehost is another world-class and reliable Linux hosting provider that will assure you of top-notch service. They offer a monthly package for as low as $2.95 with 30 days money back guarantee. So what does a full package of Bluehost include?

The Bluehost is known for providing a wide range of software you may need for your website. For example, you will get the PHP, mySQL5, and Apache just to name a few. They also offer domains, emails, and backups. They have a custom domain manager, who will aid you in the transfer of the domain, tracking, purchases, plus an overall administration of the domain. The provided email accounts come with POP3 and IMAP support, spam protection, and shared hosting plans.

You will enjoy an easy scaling like when your site picks up steam, the traffic will accrue, which will definitely translate to higher incomes. Besides this, they also offer top-notch security system by ensuring a 24/7 in-house support. The process of installation is fast as the host is a 1-click install process that will be able to install things like WordPress, Magento, and Drupal among other applications.

The Bluehost also offers constant hardware updates like; come onto the market, solid state drives, and much more. Lastly, all your accounts are backed up on the daily, weekly, and monthly basis. With this, it is simpler to retrieve all your data in case your site is hacked. The disk space is always unlimited and the domain name is free for one year. Give Bluehost a try today and you will love their services.

site ground linux web hosting

#3. SiteGround

This is the leading Linux hosting provider that is known for excellent customer service. This is because they always emphasize on the quality with a unique custom solution. They also the best innovators in the hosting space. For example, they provide a full range of the web hosting features like; unlimited MySQL, databases and bandwidth, free CloudFlare CDN, and cPanel with SSH access. They have the best custom built customer service through their in-house chat software.

This will allow you to choose and rate the various customer service agents who have ever worked with. Apart from this, they also have the in-house solutions for the customer support. This means that you will be able to find a quick solution whenever you need it. They have been able to create their own cloud container platform in the place of VPS hosting. With this, you will be able to access thousands of containers and top-notch security and scalability.

The SiteGround will offer you a disk space of between 10 GB to 30 GB and a new or transfer domain name. Besides this, they have offer an uptime of up to 99.9%, making them ideal for smaller businesses. To keep all your files safe, they carry out a daily free automated backup, email, SSL, and CDN. The process of installation is very fast and simple as they offer the 1-click install system. Enjoy 24/7 expert support and 30 days money back guarantee by getting started with SiteGround and you will realize what you have been missing. For only $3.95, you will get the full plan of SiteGround Linux hosting.

inmotion-hosting-for linux

#4. InMotionHosting

Finding an unlimited space to boost your site is always one factor you need to consider when looking for the best Linux hosting provider. This is one of the highly recommended service providers that will offer you unlimited disk space and SSD drives on their shared plan to enhance your website performance. The service provider is known for providing a wide range of services like; the VPS hosts, dedicated hosts, shared hosts, and WordPress-specific hosting. In order to make their services excellent, they employ the state-of-art technology like the top-of-the-line server selection from Dell.

They also support the use of different development technologies and languages like; Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. They have also been able to standardize the SSH access on all their business hosting servers and accounts to ensure they fully protect your website. This, therefore, implies that you will benefit from the BetterLinux. InMotionhosting also carries out a daily backup of all your data, making simpler to restore back your site in case of anything. All customers will always get a quick and easy access to a wide range of applications like; OpenChat and PrestShop for the e-commerce solutions.

Apart from this, you get to access the blogging tools, apps, many CMSs, and scripts that you will be able to install by just a single click. They ensure a great speed that makes it easier for all your visitors to get a quick access to the website from any given device. They also guarantee a spam safe email and personalized domain. For a monthly starting price of $3.49, you will get a free domain name (1-year), unlimited disk space, and up to 90 days money back guarantee among others. Why miss out on this? Get started with the InMotionhosting today and your website will be one of the top ranked on the leading search engines.

idea host linux web hosting

#5. Ideahost

Do you wish to make your Linux hosting experience very simple and smooth? The ideahost Linux hosting is now the leading hosting provider that has placed all the essentials like; SSH access, 64-bit Linux operating system, and cPanel among others for a great hosting experience. They also offer the ultimate load balance Linux Servers with a 24/7 monitoring to ensure that your website is safe from hackers and spam.

You will always find it very elementary to build your website using the ideahost domain. This is because you will be able to select from the myriad pre-made templates. With this, you will be able to build up to six web pages absolutely free. The Advanced users can also install their favorite CMS like WordPress through the aid of their cPanel. To get started, you will be offered a free domain name (for 1-year), up to 500 GB storage space, and unlimited bandwidth for all the plans. Besides this, they also offer you with a 1GB of cloud storage and you get to receive email addresses.

In order to easily advertise your products or service, the ideahost will offer you up to $200 in credit for advertising with the Google AdWords and Bing. You will also be able to get a free listing, shopping carts, online retailers, and much more.

The process of creating your website is very elementary as you get to choose from the free site builders and thousands of templates. You are offered a 24/7 customer support and up to 45 days money back guarantee. A starting monthly plan with ideahost will cost you about $2.99. This is one of the leading Linux hosting providers you don’t want to miss out on. You can get started with them today and you will love the great hosting experience.

From the above top five Linux hosting services providers, you will be able to find your ultimate service provider to build your website. They are generally affordable and offers more than you may expect. Give any of them a try for the best hosting services.

What Other Hosting to Consider Other than Linux Hosting?

From the beginning, you will realize that Linux hosting offers a wide range host you can always choose from. Here are some of the areas you may consider when making your selection for the type of host to go for.

Dedicated Server Hosting 

Did you know that finding the right host will always make the difference? Whenever you need to find the best-dedicated server hosts, then you are at the right place. Get any of their dedicated hosts today for a super-fast website creation.

Cheap Web Hosting 

Your budget will always determine the kind of web host to go. This is because the hosts always differ on the starting monthly price. Despite this variance, you will always find some of the cheapest and affordable hosting plans to suit your budget.

WordPress Hosting 

A number of online users have opted to use the WordPress as their platform of choice. To find some of the bets WordPress hosting, you will get a wide range of selections to choose from. You need to consider the experience of installation and maintenance before deciding on the hosting plan.

VPS Hosting

The Virtual Private Serves are highly recommended for those who are running advanced settings. This is because it offers you the best computing resources and scalability that will suit your website. This, therefore, implies that it is not ideal for the beginners. Get the best VPS host today with us for easy management of your website.

Website Builder

The website builder is the leading service that will now enable you to come up with your own website. This is without employing any programming or coding knowledge. It is highly recommended for the beginners who may not know where to begin from. Give it a try now and you will be on the web soonest.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Linux Shared Hosting Provider

The performance of your website is always a key factor that will determine which Linux shared hosting to go for. When choosing the right Linux server rentals, there are a number of things you need to put in place. For example, security, database features, pricing, and performance among others. This is because all these will influence how your website will operate. Below are the six tricks you need to employs when deciding on the ultimate Linux shared server rental.

basics of linux hosting

The Basics – What is Linux Hosting?

Do you always have a problem choosing between the Linux and Window Hosting? You always need to fully understand “What is Linux Hosting” to ensure that you don’t go for the Window hosting instead of Linux Hosting.

The Linux hosting has been characterized by the open source programs of its server technologies and supporting software. In most cases, the Linux hosting packages are relatively cheaper and a number of clients have found it to suit their needs appropriately. Apart from this, you need to be informed that the platform you select will always depend on the specific language you are using to create your website. For example, in a case where you are using the MySQL and PHP, you will realize that the database system and scripting language behind the WordPress needs to appear on the Linux Hosting plan. On the other hand, when you create your website using the SQL, ASP, or, then you will be going for the Windows hosting. The CSS and HTML are ideal for use on the static sites for the two hosting plans.

Types of Linux Servers

It is always very crucial to be informed about the types of Linux servers before renting any company. The Linux Servers come in different formats to handle your hosting demands. Here are some of the best hosts in the various level you may consider based on what you need.

Best Linux VPS Hosting (InMotion)

The InMotionhosting has been rated as the leading Linux VPS hosting you can rely on. This is because it will offer you a better control over the allotted environment and computing resources to their own accounts. They will offer you unlimited MyQSL databases and also runs the CentOS. Apart from this, they offer free updates and security patches for your Linux operating system. For a quick and easy access to your website, InMotionhosting provides you with SSD speed and SSH access. You will also receive up to 310 easy installation apps for your website.

Best Linux Shared Hosting (iPage)

The shared hosting is one of the most preferred Linux hosting servers. This is because of its ability to host multiple websites at once. They always run the CentOS in the Apache-friendly environment with some of the leading control panels. It is always very elementary to use and pairs perfectly just as expected. All the customers are offered 24/7 support through chat, phone, and email, enhanced security, and network monitoring. Despite being the leading Linux shared hosting provider, they charge relatively low starting monthly charges.

Best Linux Dedicated Hosting (Liquid Web)

The Liquid Web is the leading Linux Dedicated hosting provider that offers quality dedicated servers that are fully devoted to your application or website. They provide customizable and powerful environments that will perfectly match your needs. Generally, the dedicated hosting has been linked with businesses that require scalability and speed for their websites. Since the Liquid Web offers both instant provisions and SSDs, all the customers will have the opportunity to select their favorite operating system and custom configurations. This is in addition to the balancers add-ons and object storage.

These are some of the samples of the types of the servers you will be able to choose from. Whether you need the dedicated, shared, VPS, or any other servers you need to find the best company that offers the best services.

Types of Linux Server Operating Systems

Are you aware of the kind of Linux Server Operating System to go for? The Linux operating systems will always appear on your web hosting in different ways, unlike the macOS Windows. Due to this, it has been the most suitable and highly recommended operating system for both small and large companies. Here are some of the various distributions Linux operating systems have been customized into by the open-source developers.

· Linux Mint

· Fedora

· CentOS

· Ubuntu Linux

· Debian 

· Red Hat Enterprise Linux 

· OpenSUSE

· Arch Linux

These are some of the most popular distributions that have been used. When choosing any of these distributions, you need to be aware that the distribution used on the shared hosting account doesn’t make any difference. This is the reason the provider will base his selection on reliability, support, cost, and ease of use. The more experienced or larger companies may consider installing different distributions on the dedicated or VPS plans.

Keep off from Free Linux Server Hosting!

Whenever you need quality and reliable services on your website, then you should never consider the free Linux hosting companies. This is because they may easily inconvenience you by introducing certain limiting restrictions on your website or just vanishing without any notice. Besides this, the free Linux hosting will not provide you with the modern security and infrastructure measures that your website requires. Apart from this, you should not expect frequent updates of the Linux and Servers distributions. Generally, the free hosting is more expensive that you may imagine. This is the reason why you need to consider a company that charges and will guarantee you of top-notch services.

Check Out the Features of the Best Linux Server Hosting Providers

There are some common features that you will get from any Linux Hosting providers like; 1-click install and 24/7 support. However, when you need reliable and convenient services, there are other key features to look out for. For example, the beginners may consider tools like;

· Reliable uptime rates and 24/7 support

· cPanel for easy management of the server

· Linux-friendly software like; programming scripts and Apache

· High quality software that will match your Linux software 

On the other hand, the more advanced website owners need to look out for features like; the type of PHP versions are supported, any limitation of the MySQL databases, and much more. Always get the ultimate features that will assure you of quality you can trust.

Host Linux Based Servers and Sites with Higher Uptime

Every visitor visiting your website would love to enjoy a quick access from any given device. To ensure that no visitors miss out on your website, you require ensuring maximum uptime (99.9%). You should, therefore, go for the best Linux Hosting provider that will assure you of 24/7 monitoring and maximum uptime of up to 999.9% for quick and easy access. Besides this, choosing a Linux shared hosting plan with reliable and trustworthy providers will always assure you of a great support, reliability, and an ergonomic site.

With these six simple tricks, you will always find it very easy to know which Linux Hosting provider to choose. Always aim for the best and your site will be managed by great experts for a higher ranking, which translates to higher incomes. The features offered by any Linux hosting plan are very crucial. Always avoid the free Linux Hosting plans are they will become expensive in the long run. Based on your budget, you will be able to find one of the leading Linux servers providers based on what you need for your website.